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Merit Badge College Finally

28 Jan

Merit Badge College is to be concluded today. I need to make sure to bring all my work from the last 2 weeks. Finally, I will be able to complete all this dreadful assignments. Although, this blog was pretty fun. Yay, Blogs!



28 Jan

WordPress is the simplest site for creating blogs quickly and efficiently. If wordpress quotes me on that in their ads, I’ll laugh, but it’s true. This site allows you to create a blog in lets see… 15 minutes.  That is mind blowingly efficient. Now that I have given credit where credit is due, I’ll get back to watching Sherlock on BBC. As the Brits would say, that show is bloody brilliant. Image

Graphic Arts Merit Badge

28 Jan

The screen printing and design process for the graphics art Merit badge are rather difficult. The digital process is much easier, printers are readily available and the fact they are so common, and (often cheap in a library). 50 copies with 4 copies a page will cost you about 1.20 dollars.

Engineering Merit Badge

28 Jan

The Engineering Merit Badge is rather easy, just finished the last requirement that I’ve been waiting on. If anyone needs any assistance I will be able to help. Leave a comment with your email address and I will send you any information and tips.

Image It’s really not as daunting as it sounds. 

Group Dynamix

28 Jan

Image  The Group Dynamix lock in was a huge success. Thanks for everyone who participated. We had an awesome night of laser tag with grenades, rock climbing, and video games. If you missed out, be sure to take part next time in the fall, this event is not worth missing!

Hello world!

28 Jan

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